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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

August on the Water - Holly Hartley

Holly says she wishes whe was on the island for the 'group experience' Nice to have Betty for the exhibition!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Continuation Simon Warren nos 8, 9, 10, 12, 13

So much to be interested in in these pieces from Simon Warren.  I may not have the world view to understand all that Simon alludes to, but wish I did.  I see that Simon has edited his ink words, revising, deleting the 'des' from 'despair' to make a new story, or statement. Later he eliminates 'despair' altogether. I am partial to his shadowy figures and am interested in the hisotry he tells of Cranberry Island.  I tried to do a bit of cursory research about slavery on these Cranberry Islands.  We did have craberries so perhaps it's linked to that?  

The people who brought us to Cranberry, the Storey family, have a different history to the one Simon depicts.

My Garden & Under the Sea - Trashpo collage - Jan Moss

My MOTHER is a collage artist too. She also paints with plants.  These two pieces arrived today - a day after the 'official' deadline for this leg of exhibitions - but when have I ever followed rules?  

These beautiful gems have a Mexican feel, IMHO and Jan has managed to incorporate her garden, her wonderful beads, berries, the sea and salamanders. Note: no minks, mice or bats, though. The backs of these are (top) a lindt chocolate box and (bottom)  a colgate toothpaste box, so she's got a little trashpo going on and a bit of irony, maybe, with candy and dental paste? 

Definately better late than never. Can't wait for the two shows to be over so I can frame a few of my favourite things!

Mislaid post from the Buggy girls

I'm not really sure what happened here, whether the Buggy girls took their mail art home with them to post and that's why it took so long to receive these or if they went on a journey around the Cranberry isles before finding their way hometo PO Box 84...

Maritime Shoreline mixed media - Amy Irwen (trashpo envelope from Susan McAllister)

Love the way Amy's captured the sense of time on the water with her stitched, collaged and painted mail art. (A4)

I believe this trashpo envelope is re-used by amy from Susan McAllister.

Sam King's colour and poetry

Friday, July 18, 2014

Three maritime beauties from Sharon Whitham

Huge thanks for these three beauties from the other end of the island!

Beach-combed driftwood book - Rebecca Guyver

Maritime questions - Nancy Kehoe

Island living is a particular lifestyle, so when people visit, they either love it, or can't wait to catch the early boat off.  Nancy, who made this card, and visited recently reflects back the first world nature of island living in the 2010s.

Nancy, we jumped today, there is debate about whether my UP band is accurate, Sage expedited the wetsuit and some may be close to ODing on expresso ...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Watercolours from Jimmy and Isabelle Storey

Jimmy Storey - Summer Time, Sedgwick (2012)

Isabelle Storey - Afternoon Nap (2012)
Delighted to receive these watercolours from Sedgwick from former Cranberry Island residents Jimmy and Isabelle Storey.

Patrick Guyver's Maritime 3D Seascape Scene

The thing about Patrick Guyver's mail art is you can bet it will be on the edge of over-engineered.  This piece looks even more impressive (and beautiful) in person!  So if you can make it,  be sure to visit the Cranberry Island Historical Society to see it in all its complex glory!

Blue Island Maritime - Katy Kehoe

My sister is a collage artist! Love this nostalgic take on Cranberry seaside.  It makes me pine for log rolling in the pool, or filling clam buckets, or building piers with rocks at preble.Old time fever!

Molly Kehoe - Not At Sea Landscape

Naomi's Maritime Doodle

Over Fished - Rebecca Guyver

This piece was inspired by a rather beautiful piece that I have waxed lyrical about  from TOFU. I made two and one day I will finish his.  You can see Tofu's here (which is obviously much more beautiful!)

Maritime Landscapes - Renita Sheesley Banks