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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We've been included in the The TAM Archive!

A few weeks ago I sent a copy of the mail art catalogue to Ruud Janssen (founder of IUOMA and international mail artist).  The above is what i received in response from Ruud. I thought you'd like to know that your images have made it into the illustrious TAM Archive of mail art!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Island thank you from Marguerite Keen

Great to hear from Marguerite Kenn and delighted that she was pleased with the catalog! 

Catalog correction!

I have just discovered that Susan White's 11D was mis-attributed to Susan Keegin!  Thank you Susans.  It is a beauty!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Thank you postcard from Jane Wilson

A beautiful surprise thank you card from Jane Wilson! That gives me the opportunity to let you know that I mis-numbered her page.  Her work can be found on p 6A (not 8A).  Many thanks to Queenie for pointing this out and apologies Jane.

Friday, August 17, 2012

More island mailart from Sam King!

More Island Mailart from Rebecca Guyver arrives

Renita and Reid Banks make mailart and send to Island Mailart!

Island Mailart from young guests of the Dick and Kitty Pierson.

Peter Eldridge sends in Island mailart!

Nancy Kehoe's Island Mailart arrives!

More Cranberry Island Mailart from Ken Norton!

Jan Moss sends in island mailart watercolours

Gretchen Westphal sends in Island mailart!

Molly Kehoe and Figgy Guyver send in island mailart!

The top two pieces are by Molly Kehoe, age 13! the next two are thanks to Figgy Guyver, She sent in materials and they were used by the community.

All Saints in Laxfield (UK) sends in lots of mailart!

A few days into the mailart exhibition a parcel arrived with mailart from Laxfield school.  Many thanks to Elaine Elliot, artist, mailartist, teacher, fellow journal making enthusiast and friend for chivying her students into sending in mailart!  Earlier in the year we had done a mailart taster in one of their journal session. This school and these children are amazing!  Art from ALL SAINTS by: Kyle Edwards, Mika Parolin, Eadi Edghill, Eliza Mobbs, Oscar Butcher, Curtis Bridges, Elaine Elliot, Ellie MacPhail, Polly Cook, James Lowry, Rupert Taylor, Percy Whinney, Evan Read, Henry Stephenson, Joseph Peck, Saxon Gallo, Rupert Taylor.  Work will be attributed to individual artists in the upcoming catalogue!